April Horsemen’s Mtg

Special thanks to the horsemen and women who took the time to attend our informational meeting, last night, at Pocatello Downs. It was a very productive meeting with several very good ideas for the future and support for efforts that have taken place to date. The following is a brief summary of the meeting:

Hair Testing continues to be the hot button for the season… as it should be. Everyone recognizes and embraces the need for it but to get it in place for this year, and then to keep it in place for this year has taken a grand effort on many fronts. When the House State of Affairs Committee rejected the Temp Rule we were all shocked and set back in our seats. It was implied that we would not be able to do anything about it for this season.

While most would have sat back, sulked and accepted that answer, Bryon Goody (EIHA Board Director) would not accept that as a final answer. Through many phone calls, a couple of impromptu road trips to Boise, Bryon was able to nurture some political relationships that allowed us to resubmit our temp rule back in front of the House State of Affairs Committee (something that rarely every happens).

He then explained to the Committee the importance of it and why it was critical to Idaho racing this year and into the future. From Bryon’s explanation, the committee reversed their decision and allowed us to proceed with our temporary ruling for hair testing this season.

Since that time there have been a few hiccups along the way working out the details on how it will be implemented this year but even those are being resolve to the point that we are ready for Pocatello Downs to implement the Rules in their stakes races and for the Idaho Racing Commission to enforce the State Statues for violators. It has been a long road but a worthy cause and one that will ultimately benefit the Horsemen of Idaho as we progress towards a brighter future.

There are some other topics that will move to the forefront now, such as funding our Racing Commission after this year that will be the topic of future blogs. Keep checking back here as EIHA will use this blog page to keep everyone current on current events moving forward.

Good Luck this Season!

Mike Clements, EIHA President

Photo by Mídia on Pexels.com

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